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  • SteveA
    Mar 26, 10:17 PM
    Anyone have any suggestions for an external Hard Drive enclosure that uses Firewire 800? I just got a Western Digital 250 gig I need an enclosure for...something to match my 17" Powerbook would be nice. And great stores online with good prices? I've never bought one before...

    Thanks in advance!


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  • zea mays
    Jun 28, 01:06 PM
    Got the socks! Thanks for the fast shipping and great transaction.

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  • darylsudden
    Mar 18, 04:49 AM
    I will most likely be in my iCaptain-cosplay... and this Allnighter really sounds inviting. Let's be the firsts in line! :cool:

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  • MacCheetah3
    Dec 14, 03:20 PM
    You've Got Private Messages!


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  • Tom J
    Oct 13, 04:44 PM
    Good to know that these five things only apply to Apple.

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  • RawBert
    Jul 28, 08:48 PM
    **** the police.


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  • iDAG
    Jan 12, 06:10 PM
    9to5mac thinks that it would be called the MacBook Air, so the name has to be right.

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  • velocityg4
    Sep 2, 04:28 PM
    But most people check the email a few times a day.........let us know :)

    Not all though. I check my e-mail 2-3 times per month.


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  • macfan881
    May 24, 08:38 PM

    hopefully they can do this movie justice the only thing is a must is get mathew Fox as John Shepard.

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  • Mechcozmo
    Jan 10, 07:14 PM
    I've been adding articles of products announced at Macworld, but it seems it doesn't work for products with an apostrophe in their name. I added both iLife '06 and iWork '06, but neither of those pages show are world editable, regardless of whether I use "%27" or "'" in the links. Is this fixable arn?

    ...and can we make it a bulleted list without destroying the majik?


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  • sleepykidd
    Apr 23, 07:35 AM
    Maybe the disk image you created is corrupt?

    It could be as simple as that? There isn't anything that stands out as a concrete reason why it wouldn't work?

    Should I try upgrading to leopard first and then Snow Leopard? I don't have the "upgrade disc" I have the full install one that came with my other Mac.

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  • bousozoku
    Dec 6, 04:41 PM
    Are you sure your computer isn't saying "Could not load MySpace, Reason: It's for 13 year old losers."? ;)

    I'm sorry, I can't stand that site.

    Some of us are much older losers, thank you vefy much. :D

    That's a nice tip. Thanks! But does anyone know if MS ever plans on releasing WMP10?

    I'm sure they'll release WMP10 for Mac about the time WMP12 is ready for Windows. ;)


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  • agirton
    Jun 18, 03:28 PM
    What time do you guys think people will start to line up to buy the new iPhone 3G S
    Noon Thursday.

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  • Spario
    Oct 11, 06:09 AM
    Hello everyone,

    I would like to now how i could use FTP with Blogger. All i have is my PowerBook. I don't know anything about anything when it comes to this stuff. But i would like to put something together like the Mike Mata's Blog ( Thanks ~Spario


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  • wolrabn
    May 1, 02:21 AM
    Hi guys,

    wondered if someone can help at all. Have searched the net quite extensively with this one - I'm now under the assumption the logic board will need replacing unless anyone can tell me otherwise?

    I'll list as much info as I can if you need anything else let me know.

    Got an iPhone 3g from a friend that only powers in DFU mode when connected to the mac/pc.

    Blank screen permanently on.
    All restores return error code 6.
    2 different usb cables tried, tested on OSX 10.6.7, windows 7 + sp1 and xp sp3 (xp is virtual).

    I do not know what version firmware was previously on it.
    I have tried to restore official 2.0.1, 2.1, 3.1.2, 3.1.3, 4.1, 4.2
    I have tried custom firmware on 3.1.3, 2.1, 4.1

    I have attempted jailbreak with redsn0w, pwnagetool, ziphone
    redsn0w seems to work then instead of booting to springboard the iphone just reverts back into dfu.

    I have checked the logs of these restores and noticed this:
    Error setting variable - 'boot-args': (iokit/common) general error
    error setting 'boot-args' to '': 1

    to which a little googling led me to a possibility with logic board.
    I have tried using iRecovery but to be honest unsure where to go with it i also tried TinyUmberella which attempted to fix recovery and the phone didnt reboot. just stayed in dfu.

    Although this is in DFU i have kept making a point of making sure i manually place it into DFU when attempting restores just to make sure its not in recovery mode (though i doubt it ever has been as it has never shown the 'connect to itunes' message- just always a blank screen unless recovering.

    Recovery for all firmware seems to get 99% of the way before showing error 6.

    Does anyone know a way of fixing this issue or do I give up and sell for spares/repair?


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  • drdizzy
    Sep 21, 10:51 PM
    :-) Teabgs will be happy!!! Right Teabgs!!! The famous, kickass money Swithc Ad creater ;-) And now he can make better ones ;-)


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  • johnnj
    Apr 22, 12:35 PM
    I understand that part of the equation, but I was wondering if windows would give me the option to install programs (like office and photoshop) to the second hard drive. For example, would the installer be able to tell that it is a hard drive that windows can use to install programs?

    You can put them anywhere you want them. There might be some dlls that'll end up somewhere in the Windows directory, but the bulk, if not all, of the app will reside where you put it.

    My current MBP config has Win7 system on a partition on my drive bay drive and the games on another partition on my optibay drive.

    You can also use Paragon NTFS to be able to read/write the Windows drives.


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  • Actress Morena Baccarin arrives at TV GUIDE Magazine#39;s Hot List Party on November 10, 2009. Photo 1 of 15 Next Photo ». comments

  • Transporteur
    Apr 12, 01:26 PM
    OWC is making a Mac Pro PCI Express SSD aren't they? I haven't heard about it in what seems like a few months.

    OWC, OCZ and FusionIO all said they are working on a fully Mac supported PCIe SSD. However, no one has heard any news yet and apparently they all took the information off their websites.

    Doesn't seem to happen any time soon, although I do see the necessity for it as the current SSDs already saturate the 6Gb/s SATA port. Given the trend of SSD development, single drives might be capable of 1GB/s sequential speeds in two years (give or take). I highly doubt that we'll see a 12Gb/s SATA port by then.

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  • blumie607
    Feb 23, 05:46 PM
    I'm getting the same "sql_mode" error message. Must be a problem in the software.

    I'm trying to access a remote host.

    Jul 6, 08:06 PM
    I'm glad i did what i did or i would of ended up paying for another IP address.:D

    Aug 20, 06:27 AM
    It is truly a bloated beast, It takes about a minute to open up, plauges my screen with adverts If I open it without a video file. Bogs down the system massively too.

    Jan 17, 05:17 AM
    Ouch, I can see Steve cringing about this.

    Nice gadget, but what is up with the 'half-hat' design and the protruding metal bars from the skip?

    Nov 9, 04:15 PM
    Considering you're running the WORST version security wise of phpBB I'd suggest you update, it's not hard no matter how many MODs you have, and if you're that worried about it I could even do it for you...


    Sorry to yell, but I built ( with phpbb and we all have been regretting it since about 3 months after the site launched. Security holes were the first major issue that we encountered... and now we have incredibly slow loading times and it is very hard to upgrade the software since we have made so many hacks to the default installation.

    If you want lightweight and super fast, try PunBB (

    If you want a powerful board with good support, use vBulleting or Invision Powerboard.

    Apr 28, 04:52 PM
    Based on reviews, specifications, and recommendations, I think I'm gonna go with the Crucial C300 256GB. It's $474 from Amazon, has decent reviews on there and around the web (that I've seen), and looks like it'll do the job great.

    I'm not going to place my order quite yet though - try and talk me out of it! Haha.

    ...I went with the crucial m225 series since it still had a 5 year warranty... if something happens to it I know crucial stands behind their products and maybe I'll get the latest, greatest at the time as a "plus"!

    Its in my whitebook and working fine as I notice no slowdown (been in a year or so)...